Charms & Highlights of

Assisi and Spello

Assisi | Italy





6.5 Hours


Group Size

Up To 10 People



Food, Drinks




Hosted In


What You'll Do

We will  meet in Assisi, after introductions and maybe some coffee the journey of discovery will start !


I will tell you facts and secret stories while taking you to various points of interest throughout the city while I  introduce you to the picturesque scenery.


A professional photo shoot is waiting for you so get ready to pose for the camera !


We will visit all the major touristic attractions and even step of the touristic pathway so that I can give you insight regarding different aspects of how it feels to live in a medieval city.


I will introduce you to art concepts , architecture and facts that have shaped and still shape the different aspects of the cities.


My stories will transport you back and forward in time, we will discuss how different cultures, societies and individuals shaped the cities that we have today.


After a lunch break we will travel by train to Spello, another beautiful medieval jewel city, where we will continue our journey of discovery.


The photo shoot will continue in Spello and also our journey to discover secret art, architecture, facts and  secret stories about the city.


After taking advantage of all the panoramic view points throughout the city of Spello we will stop for appetizers before heading back by train to the city of Assisi.


A special gift will await you at the end of the experience !

Your Host


I grew up in Assisi, as a young man I was exposed to the Italian and Umbrian culture, I learned our traditions and embraced my Italian heritage.


I studied my city and the cities in the area, I absorbed their history, their secrets and their lore.


At university I studied history, the fine arts and architecture and soon after I embraced the life of the tour director. I tempered my English language skills to the point where I am now able to share with the world the stories and facts that shaped who we are and where we live.


I fell in love with photography and after years of study and practice I obtained the title of ""Photographer"" and with the help of my camera, my guests took home photos that are now memories that will last for a lifetime.

What's Included


Evening Appetizers


Drinks with the evening Apptizers;

A bottle of special wine ( As A Gift )


Photo Camera ( Canon )


Train Tickets to Spello & Train Tickets from Spello to Assisi

Guest Photos

Where You'll Be 

In the city of Assisi we will visit all of the hidden panoramic view locations & all of the main points of touristic interest. Secret picturesque alleys and breathtaking architectural ancient and medieval structures. In the city of Spello we will visit all of the unique panoramic views and all of the secret corners that are covered in flowers while discovering all of the points of touristic interest.

Select Your Date & Book Your Tour

Things to keep in Mind

Cancellation Policy

Any experience can be canceled and fully refunded within 24 hours of purchase, or at least 7 days before the experience starts.

Guest Requirements

Up to 10 guests ages 18 and up can attend. Parents may also bring children under 2 years of age. Wear comfortable shoes ! If the weather predicts rain , please bring an umbrella !


This experience includes alcohol. Only guests who meet the legal drinking age will be served alcoholic beverages.

More Tips

I can always pick you up at your hotel if your hotel is in the city of Assisi ! I will do my best to provide you with as much information as possible , free parking places , places to eat , things to do in your free time.

If you have any special event, an aniversary, I am more than happy to help you organize something special to celebrate. I am a very flexible person open to special requests if needed!

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