A bottle of Villa Fidellia a unique Italian wine that is produce by the Sportoletti family in Assisi and is a fine example of Umbrian local products

The first vintage of Villa Fidelia Rosso dates back to 1990.In 1998, Sportoletti winery started collaborating with Riccardo Cotarella who changed the way vineyards are managed in addition to wine making techniques and grape blends.

The name Villa Fidelia® refers to a nineteenth-century villa which is just 500 meters far from the winery and represents the town of Spello and its historical and cultural standpoints.



The Assisi DOC area was founded in 1997. Initially renown for extra-virgin olive oil, the area saw its wine-producing potential acknowledged.
Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon confer this wine excellent smoothness and versatility. It is Sportoletti's top wine in terms of volumes and it is renown both in Italy and abroad for its outstanding quality/price ratio.



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