The SAIO family farm

SAIO is a family farm at Assisi composed out of  20 hectares of vineyards and olive groves.  Situated at 800 m from St. Francis Church it is a  UNESCO heritage.

Here the the family makes fine wines and the extra virgin olive oil 

small productions under the banner of craftsmanship and respect for nature.


-The typical pink and white-stones of the Subasio Montain make the Soil pebbly and permeable, perfect for high quality wines, fine, elegant, high in alcohol, with intense scented bouquets.

The fresh Tramontana wind always flows at night, it assures a wide temperature excursion and helps the vines to convey aromas to their barries.

-The Sun radiates the clusters constantly in the right way thanks to the right orientation of the lines, trimming long shoots and eliminating excess leaves by hand.

-During harvest the grape is in the cellar for a soft press by max. 3 hours form the picking. The must is fermented in stainless steel containers at controlled temperature to exalt the natural aromas in the process from must to wine. Ageings in oak barrels and then in the bottle are contantly checked to enhance the peculiarities of a wine that always reflects the characteristics of its own vintage

Lets learn more about SAIO from it's protagonists



"Looking at Assisi from the brilliant green of the vineyards and listening to the rhythm of nature to create fine wines, it is a dream that came true thanks to years of passionate work."

Dynamic and determined, he is the pioneer of SAIO Assisi project. His experience in
viticulture leads him to create quality wines that tell the story and tradition of the unique lands of Assisi and Umbria.



Vines and wine culture as a life experience.

Fascinated by viticulture and wine as growth and sharing experience.

Agnese is in charge of export, local sales and communication.

She always welcomes you in the wine tasting room with a contagious smile on her face.




"Wine? It's a family affair!"


They have been working

together with Alfio from the very beginning,

managing business and administrative aspects


Husband and wife in everyday life, colleagues at work. They handle different aspects of the Azienda Agraria.




Native wine maker, he is involved in many University researches in Italy.

He is working in selected wineries in Umbria and in other regions in Italy.

His first aim is to make a wine the best expression of its land.

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